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      Press Coverage Highlights for October 8 – 21

      Our data,  expertise, and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as CNBC, Daniel Island News, Philanthropy News Digest,, and Chronicle of Philanthropy

      • When giving, make sure you get that legitimate deduction
        CNBC, 10.21.2016
        In fact, November and December are the biggest months for charitable donations, accounting for a quarter of the year’s haul to U.S. charities, according to Blackbaud, a leading cloud software company powering social good.
      • Blackbaud Hires Education, Healthcare Heads
        The Progressive Accountant, 10.17.2016
        Nonprofit software vendor Blackbaud has hired presidents of two groups that address key vertical markets. The Charleston, S.C.-based company has…


      Press Coverage Highlights for September 24 – October 7

      Our data,  expertise, and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as Reuters Insider,
      Fast Company – Coexist, UK Fundraising and LA Times

      • 5 tips for savvy donorsLos Angeles Times Online, 10.04.2016
        …giving is done in the last three months of the year, according to Blackbaud Inc., a leading supplier of software and data intelligence…
      • NEW HEAD AT EVERYDAYHEROBob Scott’s Insights, 9.29.2016
        Blackbaud has named Jerry Needel as president of Everydayhero, its subsidiary that markets crowdfundraising products. Before moving to the…

      Press Coverage Highlights for September 10 – 23

      Our data,  expertise, and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as Fast Company, HRO Today, CR Magazine, NonProfit Pro, and My Social Good News  

      • Better Together
        HRO Today – Online, 9.16.2016
        How organizations can align corporate responsibility efforts with employer brand in order to attract the right talent. By Andrew Troup…
      • New Tools for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
        NonProfit PRO, 9.14.2016
        One headline caught my attention this summer, and it relates directly to this topic of new ideas in peer-to-peer fundraising technology: Blackbaud…
      • The Five Stages of Measurement Maturity
        CR Magazine Online, 9.22.2016
        MicroEdge+Blackbaud has found that there are five stages of outcomes maturity that organizations work through as they develop their outcomes capacity…

      Press Coverage Highlights for August 27 – September 9

      Our data,  expertise, and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as The Huffington Post,
      CPA Practice Advisor, Charleston Business Magazine, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy

      • Blackbaud, Inc. Company and Product Info from CPA Practice Advisor
        CPA Practice Advisor, 8.29.2016
        Blackbaud, Inc. – Financial Edge NXT – Reduce Overhead: Lower costs with process automation, regular upgrades, in-product support, automated data back-ups and complete data security. Stay Ahead: Benefit from flexible, modular architecture that enables rapid innovation plus an open API to support your organization’s needs. Experience Partnership: Eliminate multi-vendor challenges with a total solution from a single technology partner that is invested in nonprofit success.
      • Blackbaud CTO a Role Model in Tech Industry
        Charleston Business Magazine, 8.29.2016
        Mary Beth Westmoreland is a problem solver – whether it’s automating her house or helping one of the country’s fastest growing public tech companies navigate the transition to a cloud-based strategy. But these changes are nothing new for Blackbaud’s chief technology officer. Westmoreland said she’s always loved solving problems. She was good at math and science as a child and those subjects came easily to her. With her skills and a supportive family, Westmoreland forged a path in the technology industry – event at a time when few women were working in the field.
      • The Era of CSR is Ending: Why That’s a Good Thing
        CSR, 9.07.2016
        By Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy at Blackbaud. People who do what I do for a living spend their lives championing what we call “corporate social responsibility.” Traditionally, Corporate Social Responsibility has been for the “big guys”—the Fortune 500 companies who have the capacity to invest in staff and effort. But there are a lot of companies out there that aren’t big.
      • 5 Secrets of Data Driven Nonprofits
        The Huffington Post, 9.02.2016
        We know that Big Data is fundamentally changing how companies make decisions and improve their performance, but many nonprofit organizations have lagged behind in this area. Over a year ago, I set out on a journey to understand why nonprofits are not making more out of the hidden treasure in their data. What I found is compiled in the new book Data Driven Nonprofits.
      • 6 Steps to Attracting More Diverse Donors
        The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 9.01.2016
        That is a key takeaway of a 2015 Blackbaud report on diversity in giving, which found that the ratio of white donors to others is far higher than in the general population. Compare the demographics of the people you serve with those of your supporters, says Danielle Johnson Vermenton, a Blackbaud consultant who has worked in fundraising for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta and the American Red Cross. “You have to know that to determine what diversity looks like where you are.”
      • 6 Unique & Compelling Story Ideas for Your Fall Fundraising Appeal
        Ignited Fundraising, 9.07.2016
        Once you have the story chosen, it’s time to draft your appeal and create the social media plan to execute a successful fall fundraising effort. And finally, some resources to draft a fall fundraising appeal that exceeds your goals: Blackbaud End-of-Year Fundraising Tool Kit

      Press Coverage Highlights for August 13-26

      Our data, expertise, and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as Beth’s Blog, TLNT News, GMNsight, TED Blog, and the Daily Herald

      • How a Corporate Volunteering Program Benefits Everyone
        TLNT News, 08.23.2016
        Andrew Troup, director of corporate giving and engagement strategy at MicroEdge + Blackbaud. Research consistently shows that employees are the happiest and most likely to stay at companies that are innovative, align with personal values, offer opportunities for growth and development, cultivate and encourage collaboration and teamwork, and foster an environment where employees feel inspired and play an integral role in making a positive impact in the world.
      • TEDx Wilmington 2016
        TED Blog, 08.24.2016
        Watch Blackbaud’s Rachel Hutchisson present, “The Era of Corporate Social Responsibility is Ending: Why that’s a Good Thing.”
      • Although worlds apart, we are in this together. Virtually, anything is possible.
        GMNsight, 08.17.2016
        Catherine LaCour, SVP of Corporate Marketing at Blackbaud – As digital natives, today’s youth understand this implicitly and yearn to make a difference that will change the world for the better – on their terms. They navigate both online and offline worlds seamlessly, often merging the two, and hold a much broader interpretation of philanthropy, one that goes beyond giving money to also include time, effort, energy and voice.
      • How Will Tracking Outcomes Help Your Organization’s Story?
        Daily Herald – Cook County Online, 08.18.2016
        Our MicroEdge + Blackbaud resident outcomes expert Michelle DiSabato has witnessed how reporting has changed and knows how to tell an organization’s story for impact. The difference is focusing on results. The focus used to be primarily on dollars granted, numbers of grants and location. This information was included in annual reports, presented at Board Meetings, shared with employees or even at monthly departmental meetings.
      • DisruptHR event to highlight Charleston’s growing human-resources tech industry
        The Post and Courier, 08.22.2016
        Nonprofits use’s software to keep tabs on what their supporters are saying on social media — a service aimed at helping charities better understand their base and interact with them more effectively. Blackbaud, a giant in the world of nonprofit software, bought the company with plans to build those functions into its products.
      • Everyday People Are Heroes: Using Big Data to Engage New Agents of Change Online
        Beth’s Blog, 08.26.2016
        In mid-July, NASDAQ announced that Blackbaud acquired – a pioneering social listening and marketing automation tool co-founded by Rosalyn Lemieux, Cindy Mottershed and myself in 2012 — to offer nonprofits more innovation and better insights around list engagement. Did you miss it? This is awesome news for nonprofits! Why? It’s a rare acquisition of a female founded tech startup and the first time a tech startup with a black female founder on board has been acquired by a NASDAQ-traded company.

      Press Coverage Highlights for July 30 – Aug 12

      Our data,  expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as The Huffington Post, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Pro Bono Australia, and Third Sector UK

      • Another One Percent Problem To Solve
        The Huffington Post — August 10
        According to Blackbaud’s 2015 Charitable Giving Report, overall giving was up 1.6 percent in 2015, compared to the online giving increase of 9.2 percent. So to respond to Mr. Sriskandarajah’s question, some of the tools necessary to smash the charitable industrial complex are already here – they can be found on the Internet.
      • Data and the Search for Big Donors
        The Chronicle of Philanthropy — August 2
        It commissioned Target Analytics, a data-consulting service run by the software company Blackbaud, to create a detailed statistical picture of contributors who had previously made very large gifts to the university. Target’s analysts used both the university’s information and outside data sets to look at myriad factors of a person’s life…
      • Disability Charity Wins Blackbaud Challenge
        Pro Bono Australia  — August 3
        An Australian charity has received a $10,000 donation to “power the passions of people with disabilities” as part of a global online. Disability Not for Profit Sylvanvale has won the Blackbaud $10K Challenge for the Asia Pacific region, an online competition hosted by global cloud software company Blackbaud.
      • NFP winner of the $10k challenge announced
        Third Sector UK — August 3
        The winner of the Blackbaud $10K challenge, an online competition hosted by cloud software company Blackbaud, has been unveiled. The Sydney-based charity Sylvanvale was the winner presented with a cheque for $10,000 from Blackbaud, as a result of their ‘Making Passions Come to Life’ submission, which told a story about the impact a donation of this kind could have on the lives of people with disability.
      • “What’s hot in year-end fundraising” Webinar Transcript
        Big Duck Blog— August  2
        Some of them are tactics that are becoming very, very widespread. The first is the use of emojis. This is something that is an observation that came from Steve MacLaughlin, the director of analytics at Blackbaud. Every year he does analysis of hundreds of emails subject lines. I believe that he analyzed 450 subject lines this last year, and while it wasn’t an overwhelming trend, there was definitely an uptick in the use of emojis.

      Press Coverage Highlights for July 15-29

      Our data,  expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as National Clearing House, JustMeans, Association Trends, and Big Duck

      • Plan Now for a Successful ‘Giving Tuesday’ Campaign
        National Clearing House (Families & Youth) ● July 26
        Reports suggest that about 30% to 60% of online giving comes in the last quarter of the year, says Danielle Johnson Vermenton, principal consultant at Blackbaud, Inc., one of the campaign’s founding partners. Participating in Giving Tuesday can harness this spike in generosity without detracting from other end-of-the-year fundraising campaigns, she adds, as long as agencies approach the day with proper planning and promotion. “Giving Tuesday can be an independent fundraising occasion, and as with any special event, it takes time to plan for success,” Johnson Vermenton says.
      • Software Considerations Checklist for the Evolving World of Giving
        Justmeans  ● July 22
        In today’s ever-changing world of giving, more and more types of grantmaking software are emerging in the marketplace. While it’s always great to have options, it’s important to truly understand which grantmaking software is right for your needs. That’s why we’ve created a software considerations checklist to help you make informed decisions to get the most out of your grantmaking solution. To learn more about this and other topics check out the MicroEdge + Blackbaud resource hub.

      • Matching gifts are often overlooked
        Simi Valley Acorn ● July 22
        Not only are boomers a large population of the workforce, but they are one of the largest charitable donor generations. According to Blackbaud, a supplier of donor management software, 72 percent of baby boomers donate to charity, with the average boomer giving $1,212 to an average of 4.5 charities.
      • News in Brief 7/14/16
        Association Trends – Online  ● July 16
        Blackbaud, a provider of software and services to the nonprofit community, acquired, a company that allows organizations to conduct social listening, identify key influencers and drive engagement. The social media engagement platform already integrates with Blackbaud’s digital marketing solution, Luminate Online. Once deeply integrated, will activate an advanced level of social listening for Blackbaud customers; helping them organically grow campaigns while providing a new level of service and community to supporters.
      • Are Your Accounting Tools Up to the Non-Profit Challenge?
        Find Accounting Software blog  ● July 18
        An interview with Michael Blanton of Blackbaud – Blackbaud is one of the industry leading providers of non-profit software technology helping non-profits solve some of their toughest management challenges. Blackbaud’s line of products includes solutions for accounting, fundraising, grant management, budgeting, and other mission-critical non-profit processes. In order to get a better understanding of the opportunities available to today’s growing non-profit organizations, I spoke with Michael Blanton from Blackbaud. Read on, for a practical overview of the most effective strategies, tools, and technologies for non-profits looking to manage fund restrictions, allocations, grant reporting, and budgeting for improved non-profit financial performances.
      • What we give a quack about this summer
        BigDuck ● July 25
        Ah, CRM. A recent report compares some of the most popular CRM tools used by nonprofits (Blackbaud Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Salsa, EveryAction, Neon, and Charity Engine), offering a nice comparison chart and in-depth reviews of each tool—pretty useful if you’re in the process of choosing a new CRM, or if you’re just interested in what’s out there.


      Press Coverage Highlights for July 2 – 14

      Our data,  expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as Forbes,
      The Chronicle of Philanthropy, NTEN Connect, and The Agitator

      • How Purpose Drives Profit: A Case Study
        Forbes ● July 17
        I recently sat down with Mike Gianoni, President and CEO of Blackbaud (my firm works with their sales group) to discuss the interplay between purpose and profit. During Gianoni’s first two years at Blackbaud (BLKB) he increased revenue from $504 million to $638 million and drove the stock price up over 70%.  What’s most notable is that Gianoni accelerated growth and financial performance by focusing on a Noble Purpose bigger than money.
      • Fundraising is a leadership issue
        Marc Pittman: Concord Leadership Blog ● July 11
        Last year, I wrote about how a fundraising problem is a leadership problem. This post was based on my experience in the field and the experience of my clients. Now that the nonprofit leadership research results are in, the facts are in. Not only is philanthropy a leadership issue, but there are practical things for leaders to do to move fundraising forward. The numbers in the research caused the folks at Blackbaud to ask me to write a foreward to their latest npEXPERTS book, Philanthropy by the Numbers.
      • Big or Little Charity? Fundraisers Wrestle With Career Choices
        The Chronicle of Philanthropy ● July 6
        Not all small nonprofits are laggards; some are models of fundraising efficiency and professionalism that punch well above their weight. Since 2011, small organizations have outpaced the largest groups in fundraising-revenue growth, according to Blackbaud. In 2015, groups that raise less than $1 million dollars annually saw a 5.5 percent gain; organizations that raise $10 million or more posted only a 1.4 percent increase.
      • Technological Bridges Connecting Funders & Nonprofits
        NTEN Connect ● July 13
        In a recent, reasonably intelligent Adweek article reviewing giving by millennials, Dennis McCarthy at Blackbaud commented: “My 23-year-old son wouldn’t know what to do with an envelope.” I’d say the same about my 22-year-old daughter. Among other handicaps, she doesn’t have a checkbook.
      • Starting Over #5: Growing Without Direct Mail
        The Agitator ● July 18
        In a brilliant commentary titled Direct Mailpocalypse, Steve MacLaughlin, the Director of Analytics at Blackbaud, put himself into a world where dependence on decades of direct mail suddenly came to an end.

      Press Coverage Highlights for June 18 – July 1

      Our data,  expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as, Benzinga, Cursive Content, Ignite Fundraising, and Charleston Digital Corridor 

      • Blackbaud: Big Fish In The Small Non-Profit Software Pond
        Benzinga ● June 28 ● Company News
        Baird’s Steven Ashley reiterated Blackbaud’s outperform rating and $70.00 price target after meeting with Blackbaud’s management team last week. Blackbaud’s lone wolf position in the non-profit software space gives the company an advantage executing M&A deals, positioning itself as a “strategic bidder” according to Ashley. The analyst expects future M&A to add 2.00 percent to management’s goal of 6–10 percent organic growth.
      • Philanthropy by the Numbers: The Stories Behind the Stats
        Ignite Fundraising ● June 29 ● Thought Leadership
        Have you seen the recently released npEXPERTS eBook:  Philanthropy by the Numbers: The Stories Behind the Stats?  As the folks at Blackbaud describe it: It’s a collection of “11 of the best and brightest minds in philanthropy speaking up about what’s happening in the sector today and how these trends are shaping the future.”
      • CofC Course Pairs Computer Science Students With Tech Firms
        Charleston Digital Corridor ● June 13 ● Company News
        In January, representatives from 12 Lowcountry technology companies went to the class and pitched projects to the students. Some were pet projects that the company didn’t have the time, money or personnel to complete, and others were more mission-critical projects that could be integrated into the company’s day-to-day operation, van Delden said. Team Blackbaud worked on an app to plug into the company’s everydayhero website.

      Press Coverage Highlights for June 4-17

      Our data,  expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as Forbes,
      The Huffington Post, Consider Canada, The Street, and The Agitator

      • La Quinta Hotels and More Stocks That Should Be Election-Proof
        Forbes ● June 15 ● Company News
        Marshall also likes enterprise software firm Blackbaud , which carries a high multiple but has an attractive runway for growth with its focus on nonprofits that are years behind Corporate America in terms of adopting enterprise technology. The widening embrace of such software should be fairly immune from any political fallout. “If you’ve ever gotten an e-mail from someone running a 5K and asking for a donation, Blackbaud was probably behind it,” says Marshall.
      • U.S. based software company Blackbaud opening first Canadian office in Toronto
        Consider Canada ● June 10 ● Company News
        U.S.-based Blackbaud on Tuesday opened its first Canadian office in Toronto, two years after setting up a sales staff in the city. The company, which sells software and services to the philanthropic community, pulled in about $26 million from Canada last year, making up less than 5 percent of its revenue.
      • Charitable Giving Grew to $373.25 Billion in the U.S. in 2015
        The Huffington Post ● June 15 ● Steve MacLaughlin Byline Article
        According to Giving USA, total charitable giving in the U.S. reached $373.25 billion in 2015, a 4.1% increase in current dollars and a 4.0% increase in inflation-adjusted dollars. Approximately 71% of those donations came from individuals.
      • What Do You Do With An Envelope?
        The Agitator ● June 7 ● Thought Leadership
        In a recent, reasonably intelligent Adweek article reviewing giving by millennials, Dennis McCarthy at Blackbaud commented: “My 23-year-old son wouldn’t know what to do with an envelope.” I’d say the same about my 22-year-old daughter. Among other handicaps, she doesn’t have a checkbook.

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